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Groovy Movies has made countless high quality entertainment and corporate showreels over the years and has many regular repeat clients.  You can give us a fixed brief or leave it to our experience to choose all the right moments from your performance / video.  We have editors who truly understand your area of specialization.  Whether it be music, comedy, a sales pitch or highlights of a theatre show, you can rely on us to get it exactly right for you!

Case Study - We produced a short showreel for ‘The Production Suite’ to show to ‘Thompson Holidays’ during their presentation to win the contract for Thompson’s Worldwide Entertainment.  We provided narration, script, editing and selected from hours of footage, to get their precise message across.

The Director, Beverly Paul told us... “Thank you so much for doing a blinding job! …your film broke the ice and made a huge difference”.


Showreel compilation


The Production Suite

If you don't yet have good quality video footage to use for a showreel, we can provide full production for you. Click here for more.


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