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Mark ‘Yeti’ Cribb A.P.V. (dip) is an established director in the fields of music, comedy, adverts and documentary, with a diverse range of artistes, clients and subjects including Steven Berkoff, Kiki Dee, Channel Four, Glastonbury Festival, Future Dance and Mr.Kipling (Manor Bakeries) and ex-Monty Python, Carole Cleveland. Owner of the film and television production company Groovy Movies. Winner of the Industry‘s Award for Excellence (1998) aswell as, more recently, Best Pop Video Award.
Mark 'Yeti' Cribb has directed many productions.              See portfolio here.
Here are just a few examples:

Another Revolution: A Music video by Cousin Ken for Phil Saatchi / Revolutionary Road Music.

Banda Aceh Documentary: Filmed between early 2005 and 2007.  Currently in postproduction (available for television).  Life in Tsunami area, the lack of aid getting to the needy, black-market, interviews, orphans, unique angles and their humour in the face of adversity.  Entertaining, revealing and moving.

Children’s anti-smoking film Narrated by Arthur Smith. For Schools and colleges across The U.K.  Initially commissioned by Surrey County Council and Trading Standards.

Kiki Dee: Full televisation of a live gig in London to coincide with an album release in 2001. A four camera shoot on Digi - Beta.

 ‘That Prezzie Show’ - ITV:  and other programmes between 1998 and 2002 including 34 comedy sketches, directed and co written by ‘Yeti‘.  Various productions both in studio and on location.

Brighton Fringe Festival: Extensive coverage for the Fringe‘s advertisement and  their Launch Film.  Featuring various performers from previous years at Festival. 

Hound of The Baskervilles: The 5th ‘Peepolykus‘ comedy stage show to be filmed by Groovy Movies. Shot live at Oxford Playhouse.

Mark 'Yeti' Cribb
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